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Red Sea Northern wrecks and Reefs FEB 2008

Leaving Hurghada

Andy asleep again!

Gun on Thistlegorm

Andy on thistlegorm

Andy Oneill on Thistlegorm


Spanish dancer - night dive

Free Swimming Moray - night dive

Great white shark!!

Moray Eel

Purple spotted ray on Yolanda

Shark and Yolanda Reef

Diver in the Red Sea

False Killer whale

False Killer whale

Moray eel in engine room of Ghannis D

Ghannis D

Crocodiel fish on Shark/Yolanda Reef

Red Sea 08

Locomotive on thistlegorm


False Killer whale

Free swimming moray

small reef fish on Shark/Yolanda reef - anenome ci

Trigger Fish

Stone Fish

Anenome City!

Red Sea 08

Nudibranch on Ghannis D

Puffer Fish - Red Sea